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Our offer

With our combined experience of decades of international business in Saudi Arabia, we understand foreign company’s needs and requirements for cost effective solutions. At the same time, since we are rooted in the Saudi business infrastructure, we understand the local requirements for doing business.

IIPT can offer for those companies that seek a more independent approach in the Saudi market, an option to work with a separate entity (as branch office) under our locally registered company. This will allow and enable each individual company to do business in Saudi Arabia as an independent company.

We will provide a professional infrastructure for each company to tap into. The company won’t have to consider all the practicalities necessary for doing business in Saudi Arabia. From the start, the company can focus on its business; Sell their products or services under their own name and via their own locally registered company name with the people of their choice.

If there is no need for an increased local presence, IIPT can also act as the local agent. Depending on the requirements are we in a position to assist with the complete order handling starting with business development and commercial negotiations to order acceptance, customs handling and money collections.