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Abdulrahman Al-Dalaan Chairman

Adbulrahman joined SABIC as an Administration Manager for its SABIC GAS affiliate in 1983 where he served in various Leadership roles for 28 years, rising to the level of Executive Vice President for SABIC Global Procurement and General Manager of the METALS Strategic Business Unit. During his tenure as head of Global Procurement and Compliance he was responsible for the development and implementation of SABIC Global Procurement strategies and Best-in-Class Global Procurement processes by optimizing the total cost of procurement and material management, managing a multicultural staff complement of 1100 professionals and more than 50 Billion SR in annual spend. His extensive experience with Global Compliance and Governance matters, coupled with his deep experience in dealing with Foreign Companies has made him the ideal partner for global Companies wanting to enter the Saudi Arabian business arena. Abdulrahman is well known and respected in the Saudi Arabian business community, and through his extensive business network he will play a key role in enabling the partnership companies to successfully enter the supply chain of the Saudi business majors in KSA. Abdulrahman has been a member of the Global Supply Chain Council since 2013.

Jan-Willem Altelaar is General Manager of Best Practice  and has been active in Saudi Arabia since 2006, owning since 2009 a own 100% foreign-owned branch office in Al Khobar, fully registered as a SAGIA company. Jan-Willem has extensive knowledge with regard to running a local business with Principal partners as well as setting up businesses and providing business development support in the Kingdom, primarily within the key market segments. Jan-Willem is very well connected into the Western European Industries related to engineered products and services. He has been working with Government related association offices and is being asked for presentations and discussions related to business practices in Saudi Arabia. IIPT is an independently registered company is supported by Best Practice knowhow and facilities.