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What do we have to offer for our partners?
Local presence with all the advantages as a local company with no specific restrictions or limitations in the execution of projects and/or services.

Can the company control its own business?
Yes, the company will have control over its own business operation. If required, the company’s own IT applications, Finance Administration, Inventory Management, etc. can be used.

IIPT shall service all local requirements in order that each company can present itself as a truly local company.

Is everything accepted by local rules and regulations?
Yes, the structure and set-up is designed in such a way that is robust and 100% in compliance with Saudi rules and regulations.

What does the company need to do for that?
Team up with an experienced team that has a combined experience of more than 20 years in Saudi Arabia in the Saudi Arabian O&G, Petrochemical, Mining and Power Industries.

An agreement will be made between our company based in Saudi Arabia and the company that wants to enter the Saudi market. The cooperation will be tailored to meet each company’s requirements in such a way it enables the company to execute its own strategy.

Is an agency agreement not just better for us?
Not all companies wish or are in need of doing direct business in Saudi Arabia. In those situations, we also welcome companies that have innovative products and services in related industries, especially those that already hold End User approvals (e.g. Saudi Aramco, SABIC, Ma’aden, Shell and Saudi Electricity Company).